Edgewater Parking Garage

309 Palm St, Newport Beach, CA


Adjacent to Newport Landing Restaurant. Steps away to boat transport to CATALINA ISLAND, whale watching, sport fishing and boat rentals.
Summer Parking Rates (March - October):                                    
Restaurant                   $6 first 2 hours
Balboa Boat Rentals   $6 first 2 hours
Whale Watching          $9 up to 5 hours
Fishing                         $11 up to 9 hours
Catalina                        $12 Mon-Fri
                                                                       $5 per hour $20 daily Max
                                                                       Winter Parking Rates (November - February):                                         
                                                                       Restaurant                   $6 first 2 hours
                                                                       Balboa Boat Rentals   $6 first 2 hours
                                                                       Whale Watching          $8 up to 5 hours
                                                                       Fishing                         $10 up to 9 hours
                                                                       Catalina                        $12 Mon-Fri
                                                                       $4 per hour $12 daily Max


Parking Amenities


  • Video surveillance 24/7

  • SECURED parking with access ONLY to customers

  • Covered “Valet” parking

  • Discounted parking, NO COUPON needed

  • MOST affordable & Convenient parking facility in the area

  • Secured OVERNIGHT parking

  • Just steps away (Literally a 1-minute walk) to MAIN Street and Boat transport to CATALINA Island, sport fishing, whale watching, Newport Landing Restaurant, bars, beaches and more…

Popular activities (Steps Away)


  • Catalina Island transportation

  • Harbor Tours

  • Boat Rentals (www.Boats4Rent.com)

  • Sport Fishing

  • Whale Watching

  • Bike Rentals

  • Ferry transport to Balboa Island

  • Adjacent to Newport Landing Restaurant

  • Surfing, Arcades, Shops, Bars, Food